Rhodes is one of the largest islands in Greece. The origin of the name “Rhodes” is mainly associated with the rose, sacred flower of the god Sun. Since antiquity, Rhodes had many names associated with the vegetation and the shape of the island. In the city of Rhodes there is the Medieval Town, which has been included since 1988 in the UNESCO's World Heritage site.

You should definitely attend and see the local religious festivals of the island where you'll have the chance to witness cultural events that will certainly be unforgettable for you. One of these is the procession of the Holy Epitaph in Easter, in Archangelos Village. At 04:00 in the morning of Holy Saturday there is plenty of crowd in the streets of the village, following the Holy Epitaph and chanting hymns. Don't miss it!
ATTRACTIONS - Alpha Stegna Sun


The " Emerald Isle " is flooded every year by thousands of tourists, from all places around the world, who visit to enjoy the sea , nature and attractions. The most famous are:

  • Medieval Town of Rhodes
  • Palace of the Grand Master or Castelo ( Castle of the Knights )
  • Archaeological museum
  • Aquarium in Rhodes Town
  • Park Rodini
  • Mount Prophet Elias
  • The Acropolis of Lindos
  • The ancient city of Kamiros
  • The valley of Butterflies
  • The valley of Othona in Archangelos
  • The thermal baths of Kallithea
  • Dam Apollakias
  • Prassonisi
  • The Philerimos
  • Castle in Monolithos
  • Castle Kritinia
  • Monastery of Tsabika
  • The valley of 7 Springs